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Hello friends, today we will learn about a game which has been downloaded more than 50 crores on Play Store, millions of people play this game every day, today we will learn about Free Fire Battle Royale Game.

As you may know, Free Fire is also a Battle Royale game like PUBG . Click here for more information about Pubg .

Battle Royale it’s kind of a Multiplayer game, which together are left on an island for many players, and whichever player is made to end the island is much left alive long declared Winner.

Many people think that PUBG and Free Fire is the first Battle Royale game in the world, but in fact Battle Royal multiplayer games have existed since the early 1990s.

When in 2017 Free Fire ‘s best Games Free To Play then became available Battle Royale games much since most of 2017 and how the Battle Royale games players imitates it as you know.

What is Free Fire?

The Free Fire Battle Royale Game was developed by 1 11dots Studio and Free Fire was released in 2016 by Garena .

Release Date: Free Fire game was released on 6 December 2014 for iOS and Android .

Garena is a gaming platform similar to Steam which offers paid and free games for mobile and PC.

Free Fire MOD APK

Today, you know who is the owner of Garena Free Fire Game, free country is a game of which country. If you are fond of playing PUBG, then you must have heard about Free Fire. You might be playing this game too. By the way, whenever it comes to the Battle Royale game, the player’s first name comes from the Anonymous Battle Grounds. However, this is not the only game of this kind, but many more games come in this category. Which also includes the name of Free Fire. In this, 50 players simultaneously land on the online ground and all the players also try to kill each other during the games. Finally the winner of the escape game is created.

Although PUBG is popular in Battle Royale games in India, but Free Fire cannot be ignored in popular games of the world. Explain that in the year 2018, Free Fire was fourth in the world’s most downloaded games on Android and iOS platforms. In such a situation, many people want to know about this game like who owns it, who has created the free fire game as well as the game of which country. So let’s know about this.

Who owns Garena Free Fire Game
The game was created by a company named Garena, whose foundation was laid in the year 2009 in Singapore. Garena is made up of the two words Global and Arena. Since 2009, the company has made more than 30 games. Which include popular games like Arena of Valor, Headshot, Contra, Firefall, FIFA, League of Legends.

Let me tell you that the founder of the company that makes Free Fire is the founder of Garena, Forrest Li and the idea of ​​making free fire games came in his mind. Thus the owner of this game is Forrest Li. At present, Forrest Li is holding the post of Chairman and CEO in his company Garena.

The first product of this company was Garena Plus, an online gaming and social media platform. In this platform you can talk to your friends with playing games. Garena was not much popular before the Free Fire game, it was known for its local game but after the launch of Free Fire in 2017, the Garena company has gained a new identity.

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By the time of 2017, Battle Royale had become more popular on PCs and PUBG was the most popular game among them which was liked by all gamers. However, there was no Battle Royale game on mobile at that time. In view of this, Forrest Li, the founder of Garena Company took the decision to make the Battle Royale game for mobile device.

Free Fire game development began in mid-2017. The task of making this game was given to Garina’s two small companies 111dots Studio (Vietnam) and Omens Studios (Netherlands). A beta version of Free Fire was released a few months later. Finally on December 4, 2017, Free Fire was launched world wide.

Although earlier the popular battle royale game PUBG for mobile version was launched but in the meantime Free Fire also gained a lot of popularity. At that time, both these games had changed the attitude of playing games in mobile, on one side where PUBG became very popular. On the other hand, the popularity of Free Fire also cannot be denied as Free Fire was the number 1 game in 22 countries two months after its launch.

Free Fire modes, rules, weapons gameplay

Free Fire Game 2 maps 10 different modes and lots of weapons, the present equipment and characters, today we know a piece of all of these.

Maps In Free Fire Battle Royale Game

There are 2 maps in Free Fire , one is known as Bermuda map and now another map has come which is known as Kahari map.

The Bermuda Map is a green map with green water, seas, rivers and trees, although the Kahari Map is completely opposite to the Bermuda Map, the Kahari Map is a desert map consisting mostly of sand, desert houses, and desert trees.

If we talk about both maps, then the gameplay of both the maps is different and both have tried to give different features and natural colors.

However, Bermuda map is more popular than Kahari map and most of the modes of the game are available in bermuda map itself.

Game Modes:

The game has 10 different Battle-Royale game types, with classic and Ranked mode being the most popular. However, many modes are also brought in the game for 3 to 4 months.

Free Fire Classic mode Rules

If this game Classic mode to speak of rules and gameplay, so this mode Gameplay is very interesting.

In FreeFire Classic mode 50 players are left on an island simultaneously. In these 50 players, the player who remains alive till the end is declared the winner.

10 Easy Rules of Free Fire

But this is not the story of this game, now we will learn about the gameplay of Classic Mode and the easy rules of FreeFire .

1. All until join the players you are in the waiting area with the rest of the players called the lobby.

2. After all the players arrive, all are seated in an airplane.

3. That airplane passes over your chosen island.

4. Each player can land any place according to his own (this process is called eject).

5. When you come to the ground with a parachute, you do not have any weapons, you will get all kinds of weapons, clothes, medical kit, and other materials in the houses in Azubaju. This process is called loot.

4. Many times, some houses do not have some weapons, if another player picks up the weapon before you, it can be very difficult for you, so at the same time, take off at a place where there is more house.

4. After collecting all the weapons and materials you have to kill as many players as possible.

4. Shortly after the start of the game, a circle comes which slowly shrinks over time. This circle is called Play Zone.

4. All players have to play inside the play zone, outside the play zone there is another big zone called Blue Zone, if you go outside the blue zone then you get out of the game.

10. There comes a time in the game when the blue zone is so small that no player can live in that zone, just you have to kill all the other players before it and you win.

Other rules of Free Fire

1. You can play this game alone or with 2 or 4 friends.

2. If you are playing with your friends then you will be a part of a team and if one of your players plays till the end, then your variables are declared as winners.

3. If you are playing with your friends, if a player kills you or your team member then that player is knocked out.

4. If a player from your team reviews that knocked out player before 30 seconds, then the player returns to the game again.

5. The player’s health is reduced after being shot or reviewed , the player has to use Medkit to increase health .

4. Apart from gun and medkit, the game also has a lot of other equipment such as vest, granade, scope, which you can use to increase the capacity of your character.

4. In addition to the play zone and blue zone in the game, many other small goals come for short intervals, these are called Red Zone.

4. Bombs fall suddenly somewhere in the Red Zone, to avoid these bombs, you must either hide in the house or go out of the red zone.

4. Several times during Gameplay airplane individual place leaves a package, a number of such weapons in the package and equipment are that they do not rest in the whole game. These packages are called drop.

10. If you kill a player, then a small box is ready, in that box you get all the weapons, clothes, and other equipment of that player.

11. You can have 2 SMG (Sub-Machine-Gun) and one sword, one weapon like knife.

12. The game also has different vehicles , if you are stuck outside the play zone then you can return to the game with the help of these vehicles.

If we talk about the rest of the modes of Free Fire games then this rule is applicable on almost all the modes, although there are some changes in the rest of the game modes, but these rules are applicable for almost all modes.

Ranked Mode

The Ranked Mode of Free Fire is similar to Classic mode , there are only 2 changes in Ranked Mode.

1 You cannot change the map, the game can be started in any one of the maps Bermuda and Kehari .

2. By playing this mode you get points which are used to increase your rank, hence this mode is called Ranked mode.

Rush Hour mode

Rush Hour mode in Free Fire is similar to the classic mode, just this mode is played on a small map and the game has only 20 players.

This Rush hour mode can be played in 2 maps, 1 Bermuda 2. purgatory .

This mode ends faster than the Classic mode , so this mode is called Rush Hour mode.

Clash Squad Mode

Clash Squad mode is a mini mode to be played in a small map, in this mode, 4 players two of the squad together just 8 players are because this mode clash squad is called mode.

This mode is slightly different from the rest of the modes, in this mode you have to buy weapons before the game starts.

After purchasing the weapon, the match starts in a small part of the Bermuda map, with different rounds.

Whichever squad kills more in the given time is the winner.

In this mode there is no red zone and the size of blue zone also does not change.

Clash Squad Ranked mode of Clash Squad mode is also available, with the help of this mode you can increase your rank.

Free Fire Game Features

If you talk about the features of Firee Fire , Free Fire has many features like voice chat, sms chat, social media login .

Despite having so many features, maps, game mode, this game is only 500MB, because of this you can easily play this game on any budget smartphone.

Free Fire Game gives free rewards to the player on login daily , which is not easily available to other players.

With in app purchase in the game, you can buy different characters, skin, and many other things.

Free Fire’s great gameplay, graphics will help you to easily timepass in this lockdown.

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